Who we are

The BluehouseLab is ALBA's open innovation hub – right here in the heart of Berlin. We work closely with innovative startups who have set out to shape tomorrow's waste management industry. To bring fresh ideas that look at the world from a fresh viewpoint, to create extraordinary things, to improve sustainability and quality of life – these are just some of the aims of our BluehouseLab. We help visionary young companies to identify, fund, build and scale their business models.

If you are a startup developing innovative technologies in the fields of smart mobility, smart city, smart logistics, big data or the Internet of Things – then we should talk!



Thanks to Co-Creation we bundle competences and reach our goals faster.

Out-of-the-box thinking and a lively exchange of ideas, technologies and contacts – these are the key characteristics of the BluehouseLab culture. We use our expert knowledge, and the expertise of our technology partners, to help up-and-coming businesses succeed. This style of co-creation has many benefits:

  • It generates new momentum and identifies trends.
  • Know-how goes directly to where it is needed.
  • Technological innovations can be brought to market more quickly.
  • Collaborating with network partners creates synergies.
  • Interdisciplinarity and creativity make the work exciting.

Lab Team

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„Tradition meets innovation - our BlueHouseLab offers an ideal environment in which to develop solutions for a new digital world.“

Carla Eysel Head of Business Development & Organization

„Great ideas require creative methods and interdisciplinary expertise.“

Susanne Nitzsche Head of InnovationLab
„Digitalization is like building with Lego - but without the instructions.“
Dr. Jens Thieme Head of Sales, Waste Operations Germany
„Digitalization is not an option, it is a reality we must embrace.“
Thorsten Greb Deputy Head of Department Waste and Metals / Managing Director ALBA Metall Nord GmbH

„Digitalization is an important key in preparing the ALBA Group for the challenges of the coming year.“

Matthias Redeker Head of Logistic
Frank Botta Senior Innovation Manager
„Neue Wege denken: Die Glühbirne ist schließlich auch nicht durch Optimierung der Kerze entstanden!“
Sascha Meißner Scrum Master

„Innovation bedeutet, die Komfortzone zu verlassen um die Zukunft zu gestalten.“

Martina Kessler Technical Innovation Manager
„You can’t allow tradition to get in the way of innovation. There’s a need to respect the past, but it’s a mistake to revere your past.“           - Bob Iger
Sebastian Simon Project Manager, Waste Operations Germany
Ulrike Hermann Junior Officer Sales & Innovation
Sophia Wolf Working Student


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